Shoreline Lost and Found

Shoreline Lost and Found is a time-lapse video made with fifteen months of daily
photographs of the Ottawa River shoreline across Britannia Bay. Using the horizon as the through-line, the video integrates my personal anxieties as an artist, the visible variation in the daily weather, and the imperceptible changes in the climate, within a repetitive landscape composition.

The daily routine of picture-taking was an important part of my pandemic ritual but as we entered the second COVID summer, the lowered water levels, heat and smoke from forest fires were reminders that while we were held in suspension by the pandemic, climate change was advancing upon us.

The soundtrack for the video is a digital rendition of concrete prose I wrote incorporating the various meanings and uses of the term “horizon” in common speech and across various disciplines. In its visual form, the text turned on its side mimics an imaginary cross-section of the river. The individual lines of text are arranged to examine the use of the word horizon with the latter half more directly referring to climate change, conveying a growing sense of impending crises.

CLICK HERE to see my Youtube video.

Here is an image of the text. You can turn it to the left to read.